How will Microsoft Edge be better for your Website

Initially it was called Project Sparta – a reference to Microsoft highly successful Xbox Game, Halo. Now we know that Microsoft’s newest browser will not be called Internet Explorer. It will be called Microsoft Edge (It seems everyone is going for the “edge” – think Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge). Microsoft Edge will be the default…

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Choosing Sublime Text for Web development

When a programmer choose a text editor or an IDE for programming, they are choosing a companion, a technology colleague, and at the same time making a statement about themselves. Because choosing an IDE is an important decision, we give you reasons to consider what we use. At Okinara Consulting Services, we currently use Sublime Text as…

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Why is Backend Admin Search Optimization Necessary?

Almost everyone is obsessed about Search Engine Optimization of their websites. But all of their focus is on the front end. This, no doubt, is very important and can make or break the success of a website. However, Content Management System’s search engine is often neglected. Administrators use these to search for pages, posts, or media…

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