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Windows 10 Will be Great of Software and Web Developers

Windows 10 will work on laptops, desktops, phones and Xbox. Windows 10 will be the new Universal Windows Platform which will give a unified experience on all devices. It will be a free upgrade for most Windows PC owners. It seems that Windows 10 will be a Web Developers’ and Software Developer’s Oasis. Web Developers…

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Evernote: The only note keeper you’ll ever need

Okinara’s head office is on the Internet. We basic live and breath on the Internet. Okinara is truly one of the examples of what a modern virtual company looks like. All our members work from the comfort of their virtual office – it could be their home, a coffee shop, a park, or a lounge…

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How will Microsoft Edge be better for your Website

Initially it was called Project Sparta – a reference to Microsoft highly successful Xbox Game, Halo. Now we know that Microsoft’s newest browser will not be called Internet Explorer. It will be called Microsoft Edge (It seems everyone is going for the “edge” – think Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge). Microsoft Edge will be the default…

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