Evernote: The only note keeper you’ll ever need

Okinara’s head office is on the Internet. We basic live and breath on the Internet. Okinara is truly one of the examples of what a modern virtual company looks like. All our members work from the comfort of their virtual office – it could be their home, a coffee shop, a park, or a lounge for all we care. We jokingly call each members favourite place to work their “cave” – in fact they could even be working from an actual cave and it wouldn’t really matter as long as the job gets down in the fast, cleanest and most accurate way possible.

We have many tricks up our sleeves to make this possible. Evernote has to be that one tool that none of Okinara’s Team members can live without. It runs on multiple platforms, syncs seamlessly and follows the KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid Smart) principle.

Click here to learn more about Evernote. If you need help with integrating Evernote with your systems, please feel free to contact us for a free consultation.