OpenCart Modules – Guest Customer List and Additional Info

This new OpenCart module displays a list of Guest Customers similar to a list of Registered Customers available by defaut on OpenCart. Visit OpenCart Modules – Guest Customer List to download now.

OpenCart Direct Link from Order Info Page

Opencart module - Guest Customer

OpenCart Guest Customer List

OpenCart Guest Customer List

 More Information about your Guest Customers

Opencart Guest Customer Information

Opencart List of Guest Orders

You can even view all the orders placed by that guest in one single list. This way you can get to know your guests better.

Opencart Guest Customer Order List

OpenCart Guest Customer IP Address

You will even get easy access to the list of IP addresses used by the guests. This comes in handy if you notice suspicious activity by one of your guest customers. You can then ban that IP address.

Opencart Guest Customer Ip Address