OpenCart Module – Enhanced Order List

We have some exciting news! We have just added a new OpenCart module to

OpenCart module - Enhanced Order list

This module enhances your order list by marking your orders with colored tags to indicate if the payment and shipping addresses do not match and whether the customer has included additional instructions in the form of a comment when placing the order.

RED  tag indicates that the payment address and shipping address are different. This can be useful to avoid making errors while creating a shipping slip and in some cases even an indicator for fraudulent activity.
YELLOW  tag indicates that the customer has included a comment. This can additional delivery instruction or any other important message that may be missed without this module acting as a reminder.

Free BONUS Add-on (Optional)

Opencart module enhanced order list

As a free bonus add-on, you can add Date and Time to your order list – Very useful when quickly scanning through multiple orders during a single day. There are 4 different formats to choose from.

  • UK Date+Time – 23/02/2016 (8:53 PM)
  • UK Date+Time 24 hour clock- 23/02/2016 (20:53)
  • US Date+Time – 02/23/2016 (8:53 PM)
  • US Date+Time 24 hour clock – 02/23/2016 (20:53)

For a limited time only, we are doing free installations for everyone! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.